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SaaS Agreement

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) agreement is a legally binding contract between Ambassify as a software provider and a you as a Customer that outlines the terms and conditions for the use of the software. The agreement typically includes provisions related to the scope of services provided, the payment terms, the duration of the contract, and the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It also include provisions related to the maintenance and support of the software, the protection of intellectual property, and the handling of data and personal information.

Terms of Service

Terms and conditions between Ambassify and Customer for the use of the Software Service on a subscription-based model (SaaS)

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Data Processing Agreement

Data processing agreement outlining terms and conditions for processing personal data. Protects privacy and ensures compliance.

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Service Level Agreement

Our SLA specifies the expected availability, performance, and support of the service, as well as any guarantees or warranties offered.

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At the Ambassify, we strive to foster supplier relations that are fair, balanced and in line with our company values.

Company Details

Ambassify NV
VAT Number: BE.0830.870.128
Company Registration: 0830870128
RSZ Number: 1874058-42
D-U-N-S: 400750905
Peppol ID: 9925:be0830870128
Court of Registration: Hasselt, BE
Phone: +32 (0) 460 20 12 03
CEO: Koen Stevens
DPO: Jorgen Evens
CISO: Wim Mostmans
Bank (ING)
IBAN: BE64 3630 6398 2452
(Certificate of Bank Account)

Everselstraat 133
3580 Beringen
(Certificate of Residence)

Data Privacy At Ambassify
Data Protection Officer Jorgen Evens
Questions about privacy?
Contact our DPO
Jorgen Evens

As Data Processor

All documents related to Ambassify handling your data as a customer, platform admin or platform user.

As Data Controller

All documents related to Ambassify handling our data of you as a website visitor, subscriber, prospect, customer or supplier.

Privacy by Design

We apply Privacy by Design in our product development. Below are some of the Privacy features we have in place.

Security At Ambassify
Chief Information Security Officer Wim Mostmans
Questions about security?
Contact our CISO
Wim Mostmans

Self Assessment Questionnaire

To answer all your Vendor Risk Management process questions we've created a pre-completed Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire.

Download CAIQ

External Yearly Audit

Our Ambassify platform is auditted on a yearly basis for security vurnabilities by an external party. Below you can download the version of the last audit.

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SSL Labs

We apply security by design and encryption is an essential part of that. SSL Labs gives our current SSL configuration for encryption in transit a A+ grade.

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System Status

For all information about the status of our platform and maintenance windows you can take a look at our status page.

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Product Changelog

We constantly improve our platform by rolling out new features and improvements on a continuous basis.

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